Being a nurse, I'm unconsciously diagnosing everyone with something. You're welcome.

I can also admit when I have a problem. Mine is 'paint indecisiveness'. My husband has markers for the same diagnosis. As a result, our house currently looks like this...

This is my formal apology to all my neighbors. I solemnly promise that our house will not forever be a Sherwin Williams color wheel.

I'll leave you with my favorite tree. I'm sad that it is loosing all of it's white blossoms... all over my yard.


The Beginning

My husband

and I

bought this

We indebted ourselves to this green fixer almost two years ago. You'll be proud to know that if you drive down the street today it still looks exactly the same. This spring and summer will be bringing big changes... if it ever stops raining. A photo tour of this 1967 beauty is in your near future. Be excited.