I tucked myself into bed one night with these two little beauties standing guard in the front yard.

I awoke to this massacre.

Okay. Okay. So maybe that's not the complete truth. It may have happened a little more like this...

They are cute little odd shaped trees. I just wasn't impressed with their placement in the yard. According to one of my informative neighbors, they were given to the previous owner by her sons. We decided to continue this tradition and give them a new home in my mother-in-law's yard. I tried to convince these little trees that her soil is richer and the sun is brighter there. I'm not sure if they bought it. Hopefully they don't give me the cold shoulder when we go over for the Memorial Day barbecue on Monday.


Dumpster Day

A day dedicated to a dumpster may not sound exciting to the average individual. I've never claimed to be average, take that as you may. For my innate purging and organizing need, Dumpster Day screams excitement.

I grew up a few hops and skips away from our current home. Dumpster Day has been a neighborhood association sponsored event for as long as I can remember. As a child I didn't care so much for the organizational masterpiece that it offered. My brother and I would spend the day climbing through the dumpster with the other neighbor kids looking for amazing treasures and potential fort building supplies. It may sound dangerous and possibly gross, but trust me it was cool. The small nail puncture wounds and subsequent tetanus shot were minor road bumps. Kids these days are coddled. We turned out alright.

Anyhow. I rounded up the troops (the husband) and we tackled the garage. I've come to the conclusion that the previous owners of our house loved stuff. It didn't have to be nice, attractive or really even useful. If they had it, they kept it. Not my style.

Before shots.

Progress shots.

And sweet success.

I really should have counted the number of nails, screws and impossibly stubborn L-brackets that we removed. Let me just say you would be impressed. A little power washing, hole filling, sanding and painting to be done. Then... drum roll please... organizing.



This is the one and only time someone can paint on my house and get a laugh.


Meet The Ranch

When we decided to go from renters to homeowners I would have scoffed at anyone that told me I would soon own a 1960s ranch. I had envisioned a brick two story with lots of character and wood molding. Being fresh college graduates, our budget had a different idea. The character filled homes that were obtainable for us also housed leaking roofs and sketchy foundations. Way too many stressors for a fresh marriage and shallow remodel budget.

A couple of tours and numerous drive-bys of the ranch followed. I had succumb to the idea that this house wasn't my dream home, but would be a good investment. It was in a well established neighborhood and received a gleaming home inspection. We jumped in feet first with the assurance that Lowe's is around the corner and my 'fix it all' father was a phone call away.

Flick on your lava lamp and slip on your hip huggers. Here's your brief tour.



Living Room

Dining Room


Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom


Did you find the Jesus shrine?

We have updated a few rooms, but for the most part it still presents in the same manner. Its amazing how I don't even see that bird wallpaper anymore.

I'll leave you with the ranch stats.
purchased July 2009
$152,000 USD
1,700 square feet
3 bedroom / 3 bath
2 car garage
loads of potential