How To Tutu

Most people want cute tutus for their toddlers birthday pictures. 

Not my friends. 

They want to roll in the mud.

I participated in the warrior dash as well. Sans tutu though.

It kicked my arse. In a good way. Yikes.

(Photo courtesy of Lanie B Photography)
Regardless, let me show you how to make these gems. What you choose to do with it is solely up to you.

1inch elastic tape

Easy right?

The amount of tule you'll need depends on how full you want to skirt to be and if you want it to be long or short. I always have the theory of 'buy more, return later'... which the husband loves. 

Disclaimer: I thought that the glittery tule was awesome. Turned into a glitter mess. Turned out well, but I'm still vacuuming glitter out of my carpet. 

Measure the waist of the wearer. Subtract three inches and cut your elastic tape.

Bold type means pay attention. Don't forget this step or it'll be too big.

Sew the ends together.

Measuring the tule is completely subjective. Figure out how long you want the tutu to hang from the waist. Take that measurement and double it. That will be how long you should make your cuts.

I wanted mine to hang about twelve inches so I cut the strips around 24 inches. No need to be exact.

Put your elastic band around something that is similar in diameter. 

Make sure you don't have it stretched out too far or it will become too large for the waist you measured.  If you are making it for a child, placing it around your thigh or a rolled up blanket may work best. 

Fold the tule in half and knot as shown. 

Repeat in whatever color pattern tickles your fancy.

Make sure you have something dreamy to watch. Like this guy.

Who doesn't love Grey's Anatomy reruns?

Maybe mix it up and watch Michael Phelps win some more medals. Who doesn't love medals?

He sure does.