Easy Kiddo Quilt

I'm a sucker for a sale....

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I mean think of all those things I could do with the four pennies saved. Endless possibilities really. 

Honestly, I'm not THAT bad although I did find this fabric on sale and had to put it to use. 

Put an adorable hoot owl on something and I'm out the door with a bag over my arm. 

I made this simple baby quilt and did the quilting myself to save some dough. 

Wanna be cool and crafty like me?

You'll need
- 1 Charm pack (mine is Ten Little Things from the Moda brand)
- 1 yard of coordinating fabric for the backing
- 2/3 yard for borders
- 1/3 yard for binding (this may be a little generous but it depends on how thick you want the binding)

Lay out your squares in a pleasing manner. If you have a super keen eye, you will notice that I held some of mine back to make a coordinating taggie blanket.

Sew together your horizontal rows first.

Cut four 2.5 inch strips the width of your blanket.

Stitch them in there.

Since I had enough fabric left over, I did a 3 inch border all the way around the edges.

Layer your backing fabric, batting and top fabric.

I chose to quilt it myself to save a little dough. Dinero. Moolah.

Trim your edges clean and add the binding. I chose a neutral gray since the quilt is so busy.

Here's the taggie blanket to join.