Lacks Direction

[insert corny joke]

'That sounds like one of my high school report cards.'

[insert rolling laughter]

House projects have been at a bit of stand still. Blame it on 100+ degree heat, two full time work schedules or just pure laziness. At least my retired neighbor is keeping busy. Here are this week's grass clippings drying the the sun.

That is a perfect rectangle. I can't wait until I have that much free time.

I've been filling my time with some crafting. The assembling of this wreath saw me through 8o some episodes of 'Brothers and Sisters' on Netflix. Maybe that could be why the house projects aren't being completed.

She's a beauty, if I say so myself.

I got these flowers at the downtown farmer's market today. They really epitomize the feeling of summer. I'm enjoying them for now, but am really looking forward to sweatshirts and football games.

Happy Sunday!

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