Yarn Wreath

I've been on a sabbatical from my sewing machine. Sometimes we get into small arguments and need to be separated from one another. 

No worries, my need to create is still running strong.  I have been enthralled with all the cute wreath making blogs out there so I've been expanding my skills. Unfortunately, my front door is a bit of an eye sore. Until we get up the energy to replace it, all my creations have been given away as gifts. Unless you are a wreath hating troll, there may be one on your doorstep before you know it. 

Or you could make your own. Not difficult, I promise. Gather up some supplies.
  • Straw wreath
  • Hot glue gun and some sticks
  • Skein of yarn in the color of your choosing
  • Three coordinating colors of felt (two of each color)
  • Accent color of yarn if you so desire (for the white design that you see on mine)

Tie off one end of yarn around your wreath and get to wrapping. As demonstrated in the second picture, I wrap haphazardly and then push it all together to get a kind of messy and layered look.

Don't be embarrassed if you have to do the wrapping in a couple of sittings. It may feel like a life time. Or you can be a boss like me and knock it out in two episodes each of 'Extreme Couponing' and 'Big Bang Theory'.

The next step is completely optional. If you want to decorate with more flowers, or whatever else, then it may not be necessary. I've found that I like less flowers and more blank space, but the design makes it feel less empty.

Hot glue your starting point. Then wrap one direction, leaving equal spacing, then come back the opposite direction to make the Xs. Sounds complicated when I say it, but I have full faith that you'll figure it out.

The white flowers gave me some difficulty when trying to capture their creation with pictures so here is the blog that gave me direction (Miss Priss Blog).

For the gray and purple flowers you'll want one 2-4" circle for the base and six 5" circles for the petals.

Absolutely no comments on my circle making abilities. I'm well aware that my kindergarten teacher is ashamed of me.

Fold one of the big circles in half once and then again. Cut the bottom tip off so you have a flat base.

Then glue it to the base circle. Repeat times six. Sometimes I couldn't fit all six on the base and other times I needed a few more. Go wild.

When you have as many flowers as desired, lay them out on the wreath to get an idea of how it will look. Once adequately pleased with yourself, hot glue the flowers in place.

Insert gorgeous wreath that you would have paid an arm and leg for at West Elm.

How much do I love West Elm? Just as much as Crate and Barrel, Ikea and the Mall of America. Lucky for me, I'll be spotted at all of them next week! 

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