Girl Turkey Onesie

Skeptics may say there's no such thing as a cute turkey. Clearly they haven't seen this gal. 

  • white onesie or t-shirt 
  • six fabrics for feathers
  • brown fabric for body
  • white and orange fabric for eyes and beak
  • buttons and ribbon if you so desire
  • fusible web

Make a pattern. I used the top and bottom of a cup for the body and just free handed the feathers.

Trace the pieces onto the fusible web. Cut 'em out.

Iron the pieces onto the back of your designated fabrics (note the word 'back' - I may or may not have done it the wrong way once... or twice). The eyes nor the beak made it into this photo, but don't leave them out of the party.

Lay it all out and admire the adorableness. I appointed buttons for the eyes, but black fabric would work as well.

Once the layout is perfected, iron on the feathers.

I chose to hand sew around the edges, but feel free to use a sewing machine if that is more time efficient. I kind of like the hand made look.

Repeat the ironing and stitching for the body.

Add your eyes and beak, stitch those guys into place. This turkey lurkey is for a girl so I decided to throw on a little bow.

Easy peasy. Slip into a tutu with some tights and you have a solid looking outfit.

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  1. this is so amazingly adorable! Can you teach me how to sew? or whatever you did to do this?? Incredible!!