Taggie Blanket

I don't really understand the draw to these taggie type blankets, but they seem to be appearing on everyone's baby registries and in strollers across America.

Besides not liking some of the mismatched looking ribbon that the manufacturers choose, the fabric doesn't really catch my eye either.

I'm trying to be a positive spirited person in good ole twenty twelve though so if you can't beat them, join them.

This is a super easy project and despite my distaste, I think it turned out rather cute.

  • ribbon ( I used six colors of 1" ribbon )
  • flannel fabric
  • coordinating minky fabric
  • the usual thread, scissors and sewing machine business
I made my blanket 18x18" so I got a half yard of each fabric.

Make your squares. As previously stated, I did mine 18x18".

Figure out how large you want your 'taggies' to be.

I owe thanks to whomever was playing with my camera while I was measuring for this awesome action shot.

Mine were 4" long which made the 'taggies' a little over an inch and a half once they were sewn in.

Place the fabric right side up. In the number of sewing projects I've completed, I still manage to pin something to the wrong side of the fabric.

Fold the ribbon in half and pin to the fabric in whatever placement is pleasing. I spaced them 2" apart because I'm all about symmetry.

Note: I didn't get it in the picture, but you'll need to leave one of the ribbons out so you have an opening to flip it right side out. Once you flip, it'll be sewn into place with the top stitch.

Lay your minky on top, right side down and pin in place. You can see my opening at the very top of the picture.

Sew around the edges and then flip right side out.

Add that last ribbon. He's probably feeling pretty left out of the party by now. Top stitch around the edges.

I also stitched an 'X' pattern through the middle just to hold the two pieces of fabric together better.

In my eyes, you'll now have a CUTE taggie blanket. Throw it in the closest stroller and listen for the giggles.

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  1. Someone made one of these for our little boy and it was his favorite thing when he was somewhere around 2 months. The pattern on one side has high contrast and he loved the softness of the minky fabric to be put up against his face. And since he was a summer baby, we didn't need to be hauling big blankets around with us. It's very small, so its easy to leave in the carseat or pack in the diaperbag. He has moved on now and would rather chew the face off his sock monkey. But it was really one of the first "toys" he interacted with.