This is the one and only time someone can paint on my house and get a laugh.


  1. What? Vandalism? Say it ain’t so.

    That fuchsia (which rhymes with "Puke Sha") is the best of all of those colors.

    Now how about a close up showing the words "Pick Me" by that wonderful color.

    That fuchsia is the best of all of those colors. I think you should add something to the blog stating the obvious which is that Crazy Uncle Robert has an amazing Unique Talent in the color selection department.

    I mean what goes better with a lava lamp and hip huggers than fuchsia?

    Now I’m going to try to keep from laughing so hard that I don't spill my blended beverage.

    Crazy Uncle Dude

  2. I love the one on the far left...people will be able to find your house..thats a plus..Chris G