Bubble Life

I like to know what is going on. Wether it be with my friend's lives, new policies at work or the fact that my neighbor has spent 3 hours spreading his lawn clippings on the driveway. True story by the way. He explained to me that if the clippings dry out first then they don't make his garage smell like cut grass until trash day. The only explanation for this behavior is that he is retired.

Regardless, I'm kind of nosey. The much anticipated house painting started this week. The first thing the painters did was cover all, yes every single one, of my windows with this translucent plastic. I could tell you if it was day or night, but that was about it. Torturous for me.

Here's what it looked like outside on Day 1.

The painters were nice enough guys, but the rap music and their need to smoke like chimneys instead of whistle while they work won't be missed.

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