Pluffy Blanket

My friends, family and co-workers are reproducing at an alarming rate. A few years ago it was weddings so I suppose it is to be expected. I've always loved going to showers and seeing the personal and handmade gifts over the store bought mainstream things. I got this is idea from my quilting mentor, as she has already been mentioned in this blog. I've made the pluffy balnket for numerous kiddos and it always seems to come off as a hit. If people secretly hate this bundle of handmade love, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Here's what you need:

Sewing machine
Thread - neutral or coordinating color
Ty Pluffy animal
Scissors, Cutting Mat, Ruler
2 Minky fabrics - yardage really depends on how big you want

1. Be prepared. This step is disturbing no matter how many time you do this. Cut the Pluffy animal in two pieces across the midsection. Scissors work best despite my gruesome posing.

2. Remove the bean bag in the body and some of the stuffing so you can pin the edges together. Leave the bean bags in the arms and legs though. Sew up both end pieces. No need to be fancy because it's going to be sewn into the blanket.

3. Cut the two Minky fabrics to whatever dimension you want the final blanket to be. This project really doesn't require exactness. This example is 20x20 inches, but I've gotten creative with rectangle and circle blankets. Let your inhibitions run free!

4. Trim off two opposite corners into a straight edge. I did a 7 inch cut.

5. Place the Minky fabrics right sides together. Pin all around the edges, but DON'T sew closed the short ends. That's where the animal will go. Sew the two piece together. Use whatever seam allowance tickles your fancy (keep it under 1/2 inch for practical reason, just my opinion). Don't be embarrassed if some profanities escape from pin pokes. Maybe that's just a problem for me. Have I mentioned I like margaritas while I craft?

6. Remove those darn pins. Flip that baby right side out and cuddle with it for a moment. Yeah it's soft.

7. Back to work. Turn it inside out again. Place whichever animal half you want inside the little opening you didn't sew around. For those of you who weren't listening, go get your seam ripper. At this point you want to decide which fabric will be the 'belly' and which will be the 'back'. Pin the edges and sew closed completely.

8. When you turn it right side out, it should look like this.

9. Repeat with the other animal half, but only sew one side. Be cautious about making sure the animal belly/back are facing the same ways. Turn it right side out.

10. Hand sew it closed. If so desired, you can trim the outside edge for a more finished look or add buttons to the opposite ends that don't have animal parts. Use your imagination.

You're done! Hand it over to the closest rugrat for enjoyment.


  1. those are awesome. i wish i knew someone who was having a baby...

    i picture your quilting mentor as a mrs. miagi and she keeps telling you to knit the fence.

  2. You know...you could just mention your quilting mentors name :)

    Who is not Mrs. Miagi...but I'm flattered that you think so highly of me