Bye Bye Borders

It truly is sad to see a bookstore close. Whether its the mom and pop store or the big chains. I have held my ground against the electronic books such as the Kindle and Nook thus far. There is just something about turning the pages that I don't think I'm ready to relinquish quite yet. I know that in due time I will surrender.

Although watching Borders close their doors has been heartbreaking, it hasn't stopped me from joining in with the other vultures. I've drive by the one closest to my house almost daily, but have been waiting for that 70% Off sign to pop up in the window to make my purchases.

A good number of books that I wanted have already been swooped up by those fools that fell for for the 40% Off sign. Suckers. You can get those prices on Amazon. I will share with you what remains in full stock.

Anyone surprised? Me either.

R.I.P Borders. You'll be missed.

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