DIY Canvas Art

Artwork is expensive. End of story. So of course I would love to pack my house with it. Expensive equals desirable. Right?

I got this idea from Pinterest. Easy-peasy.
Side note: Pinterest.com is my new favorite pastime. If you haven't discovered it yet, I'm sorry for you. Get with the program. 

1. Gather up these here supplies. The blog I got it from suggested spray paint, but I used the little $3 samples from Lowes. 

2. Get creative with some masking tape. I've never denied being a perfectionist. I redid my taping at least five times per canvas. Practice makes perfect.

3. Sorry about the poor picture quality on this one. My basement is a bit of a dungeon. I had to do three coats just to make sure it was evenly covered.

4. Ta-Da! Mantle artwork for under $20. Can't beat that deal.

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