Weddings and Babies

There's no better excuse to get crafty. Weddings and birthing of babies are the fool proof events to light my fire. I think because they have a deadline attached with them. The first is a yarn wreath which I apologize for the lack of a 'how to' portion. It was constructed in the wee hours of the morning and the lighting at that time isn't ideal. Hence my hot glue gun burn. Not pretty. 

These are burp cloths turned fancy. If you gotta use something to catch puke, shouldn't it be cute? Just saying.

Wanna know how to do it? Go buy yourself these necessary items.

  • Flannel fabric of your choosing
  • Cloth diapers

Simple right? I don't do things too fancy. Just a little. Only enough to slightly amaze the less crafty minds.

Step Uno: Cut your fabric slightly larger then the diaper. Pin your cloth diaper to the right side of the fabric, or the side you want showing when it's completed. My cloth diapers had a 'nice side' to them so give yours a quick once over before you pin. Also, note the little gap on the bottom that I left open when pinning. You have to have a way to turn it inside out.

Step Dos: Give it a quick stitching all around the edges. Don't forget to leave a pocket open!

That picture makes it look like I sew in the pitch black. Ryan isn't that mean. I get a candle.

Step Tres: Turn that baby inside out, or right side out, whatever tickles your fancy.

Step Cuatro: Pin that opening closed. Give it a good ironing to make sure it lays the way you want. We are going to do a top stitch around the outside border. I used a quarter inch seam, but you can hug the edge as tight or loose as you please.

Isn't my ironing board cover cute? I catch myself smiling at it sometimes.
Step Cinco: This is where the fancy part comes in. Makes it look all professional like. Boggles those uncrafty minds. Sew down the back side stitching. Follow those pins.


So much more fun then boring white right?

If you are of the less crafty population, did it blow your mind? Yeah, I thought so.


  1. Lindsey (a.k.a. "Tips") :)September 20, 2011 at 5:31 AM

    Can I pay you to make me some? My little man would love to puke on something so cute :) let me know. Btw you have such fun blog entries, love reading & seeing your new stuff!

  2. do you pre-wash the diapers or the material??

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  4. Hi---sorry I have to do this Anonymous but, I just am not savvy enough with the computer to it otherwise---I am Sam's mom and Sam has purchased many of your burb cloths---I have been trying to duplicate them but am having trouble with the diaper--I tried the non-pre-fold from Wal-Mart and of course that did not work---so then I tried the Wal-Mart pre-fold and it just was not the same quality as yours---so then I looked at Target and ordered their extra absorbent diaper and this works but it just feels different than yours---all of the diapers are Gerber brand---so what am I missing?? Is their something on the label that gives a clue??