Neighborhood Etiquette

I'm going to let you guys in on a little neighborhood etiquette. Here are the makings of a bad neighbor.
  1. Let your three homely dogs outside to bark for long periods of time.
  2. Not shoveling your walks in a timely manner after a snow fall. 
  3. House an unnatural number of cats. 

We have a winner of a neighbor that aces every item on that list. Don't let that pile deceive you. Any normal person might think, 'maybe you should lay off her because that could be 6 months worth of Tidy Cat revenue.' To this I would respond that no, in fact, that is a weekly occurrence. Go ahead and count them. Your skills aren't fooling you. There are 7 empty family size cat litter boxes and that's only the ones visible from the surface. This particular neighbor is plenty nice and normal in appearance minus her disregard for neighborhood etiquette. I'm thinking about approaching her to help with my next topic.

I have a well known fear for spiders. Terror might be a better description. I don't know if it's all the local flooding or what, but it seems like the spiders have been more prevalent this year. We haven't had any in the house, thank goodness, but the yard is completely off limits for me right now. I ventured into it though to check out this poor soul.

He was just hanging from a single nasty strand from one of our trees. I imagine something similar to this sealed his fate.

Maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but please have respect for how much anxiety I experienced from typing 'large creepy spider' into my Google Images search bar. The results were terrifying. I'm hoping I can talk the neighbor into letting out a small arsenal of her cat collection to fight off these unwanted visitors. I'm willing to have the blood of lost kittens on my conscious if it means I can walk into my back yard peacefully.

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