Quilt Set

Nebraska FINALLY got some snow this weekend. Here's the hubs shoveling to prove it.

Would you look at that stance? 

Its alright to admit that you're jealous. 

Most of my weekend was spent preparing for the Super Bowl festivities. The teams didn't matter one bit to me, but I always enjoy having family and friends over for a visit. 

Once the house was cleaned and all the dishes were put away, I had a little time to get crafting. 

I purchased some fabric with the intent of making a quilt for a baby that is now one and half years old. I don't even want to talk about how fast the time flies.

Since its cold outside and I'm on a money spending lockdown due to the new car, I spent a few days putting together this little gift set. 

In case you aren't fluent in baby items, you're looking at a baby quilt, burp cloth and two pacifier clips.

Some more pictures...

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  1. That is frackin cute! But i believe i am also on lockdown :(