Flower Canvas

My most recent Pinterest inspired artwork.

As you can tell from the floor propped photograph, I haven't found just the right stop to pester the husband into hanging them quite yet. 

Wanna do it, too?

You'll need...

- canvas
- spray paint
- fun paper
- Modge Podge and a paintbrush

This craft was somewhat last minute thanks to an spontaneous friend and an extra night off of work. I'm going to apologize now for some missing pictures as I go through the steps. 

I used three small canvases, but two big ones would look nice as well. Or just one. Its your house, do whatever you want. 

The first step I missed was spray painting the canvases. We just picked a neutral color and gave them a quick coat outside. 

I have nice sectioned of taupe colored dead grass to show for it. My plan was to keep that a secret from my husband until spring, but its out now. 

We found this awesome retro scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I'm always up for a deal. 

If you are super good at free hand cutting similar sized petals then you can skip these next few steps. That particular skill isn't one that I claim so here's how I managed.

Cut each sheet into thirds.

Cut each strip into thirds.

Cut your cute little petals out of the squares.

I managed it alright as long as I had a size to aim for.

Arrange those precious looking petals on your canvas.

Once you like how it looks, glue them down.

We tried a glue stick and Tacky Glue with not a whole lot of success. As I went along, I discovered that glueing them down using Modge Podge was the easiest.

Once all of the petals are glued down, give it a good coat of Modge Podge.

Let her dry overnight and you should have some new artwork.

If I find a home for them, I'm thinking I might make different ones for the seasons and holidays that I can switch out. I'm always impressed when people's homes are that seasonally decorated.

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  1. I love this! I saw something like it on pinterest using kids artwork! May need to follow your tutorial so I don't screw it up!