Tiered Flower Pots

All everyone can talk about is how wonderful the weather has been.

I'll admit that I've fallen prey to the garden center already. I'm a sucker for cute little plants in precious little containers.

I found the idea for a tiered flower pot months ago and have just been itching to put it together. Here's my finished project.

Way easier than I thought it would be. Honestly, 15 minutes and you're done.

You'll need:
- ascending (or would it be descending) sizes of tera cotta pots
- base for your largest pot
- a wooden dowel
- cute little plants in precious little containers

I needed a second hand for this part. Sort of imaginary stack your pots, one on top of another, to get an idea of how tall it will be. I sat the top pot on the inside rim of the one below it. 

Cut your dowel to 5 inches less than however tall it measures. Mine measured about 28 inches tall so I cut mine at 23 inches. That way it won't be poking out of the top. 

Place your dowel and fill around it with dirt to that first ridge.

I wanted my pots to stack towards the back because I am only going to place plants on the front side. If you want to have a 360 degrees tier then you can stack them centered.

Place the next pot over the dowel and fill with with dirt.

Maybe I should hit up Miracle-Gro for some money. That's some pretty good strategic product placement.

Repeat with your next tier.

Anyone notice I mixed soils?

I'm dangerous like that...

Last tier peeps. 

Here are the plants I chose. Since I'm placing mine on the porch, I went with partial shade plants because they will only get a few hours of evening sun.

Here's what they are in case some one wants to be a total copy cat.

Bottom Tier: Techno Heat Electric Blue Lobelia and Sunsatia Cranberry Nemesia
Second Tier: Toucan Tango Brachyscome
Third Tier: Walkabout Sunset Lysimachia
Top Tier: Fiber Optic Grass

I completely encourage your own creativity, though. Who knows? It may look better than mine.

Probably not, but try anyways.

Don't pay that hideous front door any attention.

Did it help that I pointed it out?

I'm hoping that in a few weeks they will all get intertwined and dangly. If they do, I'll get a follow up picture.

I planted a lot of other things today and have dug up a couple new flower beds. There is definitely something satisfying about digging in the dirt. I love how everything looks clean and new.

Happy Spring!


  1. I know I saw pansies trying to climb out of that paper bag. Did you through them away? I know they're not you favorite.....pansy killer!

    1. OOPs! Second sentence...I meant "throw" ;-)

    2. They went in the hanging basket. Calm yourself :)