When I started this blog, I encountered a lot of critics (my husband) and heard comments such as 'you won't last long' or 'you'll get tired of it'. I can safely say that my absence has not been because I'm tired of anything, simply busy. 

Don't worry peeps. I'm back. 

At least until January 7th. When my next semester starts. 

Yuck. What I'm tired of is papers and threaded discussions. 

Just kidding, my dear professors. You're amazing and special individuals.

None of them read this. 

Besides school, and vacations of course, the Shaw household hasn't done a whole heck of a lot....

Except install this amazing new front door.

Oooohhh. Aahhh.

Here's a reminder of what now lays in our garage. 

Free if you want it. You know you do.

Sun bleached doors with a one way mirror from the 1970s are all the rage these days. Promise.

A shot of the workmen who did all the installation.

Completion. Halloween style.

I'd get you an updated holiday lights shot, but it's raining outside and I'm not that committed. 

Perhaps a beautiful, snowy picture. Oh wait, it doesn't snow in December apparently.

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