Dapper Onesie

Who wouldn't want their ankle bitter to look this adorable?

Just kidding. He's a person and doesn't deserve to be called names. 

I received the request to make Liam a tie onesie for his first birthday. In addition to being a simple project, it is a great way to use up scrap fabric. 

Besides my sewing machine, here's what I used. 

I free-handed a tie pattern in two pieces. There are two tie sizes pictured so I could make a smaller one for a littler tot.

It took me a good five sheets of paper until I got one that I was happy with so don't be discouraged if yours don't look as amazing as mine on the first try.

You'll need two of each piece in order to sew them together for a more finished look. One piece would be okay, but there will probably be more fraying. If the onesie will be worn more than once, it should be double layered to withstand washing.

Trace the pattern onto the back of your fabric and cut out the shapes.

Pin right sides together. Sew together, leaving the top of the tie and the bottom of the knot part open to flip right side out.

Iron pieces flat and place on the onesie. I was able to fit the bottom part of the tie into the knot for a more seamless look, but if you can't swing that, just layer it with the knot on top.

Pin in place and top stitch.

Easy peasy. Lemon squeezy.

Perfect outfit for a comfortable holiday or New Year's.

Those of us without kids tend to get annoyed with others' offspring. It helps ease the pain if they look cute while they are screaming and flinging mashed potatoes across the table.

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