It's The Small Things

This summer was my virgin experience with gardening. I've tried my thumb at a couple geraniums in a pot or an occasional house plant, but I'm talking the real deal. Brushing knuckles with the grubs. 

Stick with me on this tangent. Have faith. It'll all come full circle in the end. 

Here's what our mailbox looked like. Kinda dingy and sad and trashy and... well let us just go with ugly.

So we erected this beauty. 

The hubs wasn't liking how stark white the ole post was. I tried to convince him that once the trim color on the house was white, the post would blend in beautifully. It's all about vision, but let's face it, some people have it and some people don't. 

Anyway, I'm all about marital harmony. My solution was to plant some sort of climbing something to cover up the vast whiteness. Through diligent research, I discovered a certain little plant called the 'mailbox clematis'. Perfect right? I hurried out to buy one and planted it with love. I imagined something similar to this in a few short weeks...

Wrong once again. I watered that baby and checked on it everyday to see how much further it had climbed. Disappointment every morning. I tried to help it by tying its tentacles in the fashion that I would like them to grow. No luck. I begged it for those flower showers shown above. Nothing.

Long story short. It grew eventually. Sort of. It's a little spotty in places. Then, the other day, I walked out to get the mail and...

Success! Makes a mother proud. 

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