The List vs Life

One of my job perks, if you want to call it that, is cramming all of my 40+ hours into three night shifts per week. This allows me to have stretches free from work. A mini vacation of sorts. At the beginning of these work breaks, I always have a laundry list of the things I want to accomplish and yes, laundry is usually on there somewhere.

I'm a list maker and you're being let into my world here. This is my list and then my subsequent accomplishments.

Now that I'm headed back to the grind tomorrow, I'm wondering where all that time went and why that list only has 25% of its items crossed off. You can relate to this right?

I was having some little wine and froyo with my friend tonight when it dawned on me. Between the hubs and I, we spent some quality time with every immediate family member, as well as most of our friends, this weekend.  

From football games, art openings and family dinners to frisbee, wine drinking and even a tattoo parlor. We had a busy, busy weekend and I wouldn't trade a minute of it for one more accomplishment off that notecard. 

My family and friends are amazing. They ground me when my list gets out of control. I hope that I never overlook that. 


  1. So true! Glad you had a great weekend. All that "stuff" will still be there waiting to be done no matter how busy you are. :) If you need to add anything else to your list, I have a simple sewing project that im not capable of ;) lol But it looks as if you have plenty to keep you going...

  2. i usually have 5 projects going at the same time, like all creative minds do :) That doesn't mean I can't squeeze something else in! What did you have in mind?